CCD Gallery - 2005 Supernova in M51

This supernova in M51 was discovered 2005.06.27 by German astronomer Wolfgang Kloehr. It should continue to brighten somewhat from its current magnitude of 13.5, and then decline in brightness over the next several months.

The image on the left shows the supernova; the image on the right was taken in 2002 and can be used for comparison.

sn2005 M51  
Supernova 2005cs in M51
300mm LX200 SCT (f/6.7), ST8I Camera
10 Minute Exposure, 2005.06.30
Guffey, Colorado
M51 (NGC5194+NGC5195), Whirlpool Galaxy
300mm LX200 SCT (f/10), ST6 Camera
19 Minute Exposure, 2002.04.17
Guffey, Colorado

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