Lunar Eclipse, December 10, 2011

This total lunar eclipse happened just before sunrise here in Colorado. The sky conditions were perfect, but the -18C temperature proved a challenge, both for the camera batteries and for me! The eclipse images were shot from a rock formation at the east end of Eleven Mile Reservoir, a few miles north of Cloudbait Observatory.

All the images below were made using a Canon 300D with a 28-135 IS lens. Click on the images for larger versions.

UT 23:31
UT 23:31 (9 Dec), the rising Moon on the previous evening.
UT 13:20
UT 13:20, partial phase reflected in the frozen lake.
UT 13:46
UT 13:46, partial phase approaching the western horizon.
UT 13:52
UT 13:52, overview of Eleven Mile Reservoir and the Mosquito Range of the Rockies.
UT 13:59
UT 13:59, approaching totality, and approaching moonset.
UT 14:01
UT 14:01, just before the final sliver was lost in the morning light, 5 minutes before the start of totality, 8 minutes before sunrise, and 35 minutes before the astronomical full Moon.

© Copyright 2011, Chris L Peterson. All rights reserved.