Image Gallery - Solar Eclipses
Annular Eclipse
Annular solar eclipse at sunset. San Diego, California 4 January 1992.
Total Eclipse
Total Eclipse of the Sun. Rajastan, India 24 October 1995. The sun just at the start of totality. 500mm f/5 on Kodachrome 64, 1/4 second.
Friends in India
Rajastan, India 24 October 1995. Waiting for the total solar eclipse. My friends Garima and Amit Lal are standing at the left. To the right are some local farmers who overcame their fear of the unknown and stayed with us to observe the phenomenon. My shadow is in the foreground, cast by a nearly eclipsed sun. Getting there was half the fun.

Annular Eclipse

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 20 May 2012. View details of this annular eclipse here.

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