All-sky Meteor Camera

All-sky CameraWe are not currently using this design, and don't recommend it for new installations. Instead, see the newer fisheye lens design.

The system consists of a low light level video camera mounted over a hemispherical mirror. The video signal is fed to a Matrox Meteor II frame grabber on a computer running Sirko Molau's Metrec program.

There is a heater underneath the mirror to help prevent dew and frost from accumulating. A recent addition is the array of nails on top of the camera and along its support pipe to discourage birds from perching up there. I have found that during the Spring, Western Bluebirds like to admire themselves in the mirror. Unfortunately, they also do other things on the mirror, hence the nails. You might also just make out a cage of fishline extending from the camera down to the mirror. This is intended to discourage birds from sitting on the mirror itself.

I'm still in the process of documenting this project. I have here some very limited technical information. Feel free to email me if you want to build one of these cameras and have any questions.


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