"Berthoud" Meteorite

ExcavationOn Tuesday, October 5, 2004, at 1:30 PM, a meteorite fall was witnessed in Berthoud, Colorado. John (left), Megan, and Casper Whiteis had just walked out of their house when they were distracted by whistling noise and a thump. Megan observed some dust kicked up in a horse pen about 100 feet away. After a short search, they recovered the object.

MeteoriteThe approximately 120 mm diameter, 960 gm meteorite is a low iron stone, still to be classified and named. It is only the fifth witnessed fall in Colorado. It is a beautiful specimen, showing a rich fusion crust and some orientation. One surface appears to have been exposed just before the object stopped burning, since the interior material is visible and just showing a hint of fresh fusion crust formation.

A meteorite like this probably produced a brilliant fireball while descending. In order to reconstruct the orbit of its parent body, we need to locate witnesses to this fireball. It may have been visible from central and eastern Colorado, western Kansas and Nebraska, and southern Wyoming. It could have been traveling in any direction, but would appear to end over Berthoud, north of Denver. If you witnessed a daylight fireball on October 5, between 1:15 and 1:30 PM, please report it here. Your information could be extremely valuable to this investigation!


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